DAILY CANDLESTICKS Monday, September 11, 2017


Monday, September 11, 2017

Advance (Bullish)
Advance (Bearish)
Piercing Line (Bullish)
Dark Cloud Cover (Bearish)
Doji Star (Bullish)
Doji Star (Bearish)
Engulfing Pattern (Bullish)
Engulfing Pattern (Bearish)
Rising Three (Bullish)
Rising Three (Bearish)

Hammer (Bullish)
Shooting Star (Bearish)
Harami (Bullish)
Harami Cross (Bullish)
Harami Cross (Bearish)
Inverted Hammer (Bullish)
Hanging Man (Bearish)
Mat Hold (Bullish)
Mat Hold (Bearish)
Morning Star (Bullish)
Morning Star (Bearish)

Morning Doji Star (Bullish)
Morning Doji Star (Bearish)
Thrusting Line (Bullish)
Thrusting Line (Bearish)
Star (Bullish)
Star (Bearish)
Three Crows (Bullish)
Three Soldiers (Bearish)

Tasuki Gap (Bullish)
Tasuki Gap (Bearish)

Long Red Real Body (Bullish)
Long Green Real Body (Bearish)



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