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Our Goal is to provide you with a DAILY list of STOCK SYMBOLS that are poised to move either up or down based on strong trends based on patterns in the stock’s CANDLESTICK CHART.




Take a look at the candlestick chart below . . . Can you predict based on the (Weekly) candlestick chart below which direction the stock price will move during the next week?    



It is fairly easy to see after quickly viewing the candlestick chart, that it is likely that the stock price move higher . .. WHY do I think that?  . . . Because the last (3) times the stock prices pulled back (RED) for a few days, and then had a sudden up day (GREEN) . . . The prices rallied higher for a few weeks.   Do you see it?


What if we could BUY the stock just before it starts it’s uptrend cycle again?   Do you think a short term trader could take advantage of the situation?


The answer is YES, and traders have been using CANDLESTICK charts to MAKE PROFITS for hundreds of years!


The actual candlestick chart below (BURL) confirms that the trend continued as predicted for the next week :  



Below is another example using a DAILY CANDLESTICK CHART.   In this chart, the stock price is bouncing off an imaginary bottom support line.   Can you predict what will happen next?


Every time the prices moves downward (RED CANDLESTICKS) toward the imaginary support line, and then a GREEN CANDLESTICK suddenly appears, the stock prices go up for a few days (GREEN).   Below is a picture of the candlestick chart on the very next day.   



Can you see how valuable the CANDLESTICK CHART is for predicting the future prices of the stock?   Not all stock candlestick charts have nice predictable trends like the examples I just showed . .in fact most candlestick charts show prices moving up and down in a chaotic unpredictable manner . . . . However, occasionally a stock will settle into a predictable pattern showing trends on the CANDLESTICK CHART, allowing traders to take advantage of the situation and yield PROFITS!   The trick is finding these ideal CANDLESTICK patterns immediately before the price trend switches in order to get into the stock take advantage of the trend?   Finding these ideal candlestick pattern setups can be time consuming . . . There is no secret program or indicator that automatically scans the market to find these ideal patterns . . The best stock patterns are found the old fashion way by visually scanning the charts one by one after market close to find each CANDLESTICK CHART


At CANDLESTICKSHOP, we do the work for you and scan over 3000 stocks (NYSE, NASDAQ) every day and select a dozen or so TRENDING CANDLESTICK PATTERNS to post on the CANDLESTICKSHOP website for you to review.  


We FOCUS on finding the plays so that you can FOCUS on trading and making PROFITS!


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Al Williams